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Early Enrollment FAQs

Getting Started with Early Enrollment

  1. Review course options and discuss the Early Enrollment program with your high school counselor. 
  2. Complete the Early Enrollment application online. Students must submit a new application for each semester. Select your courses for registration on the application for the current semester.
  3. **Important information about parent approvals will be sent to you by email once you've submitted your application. If you do not complete the process, we will not be able to register you for your classes. Parent approvals and high school approvals must be received before students can be registered for classes. 
  4. Confirm your WVU Tech Student ID number and claim your student account. New students will receive this information by mail; continuing students will use ID numbers already issued. 

Other FAQs

  • How many classes may I take? Early Enrollment courses are typically 3-4 credit hours each. We usually recommend a maximum of 2 classes per semester. If your high school counselor approves, you may be eligible to enroll in more. Please be sure you understand tuition charges.
  • Do I need to submit test scores? Currently, specific test scores are required for enrolling in MATH 124 and MATH 126. Students may submit ACT or SAT scores to W VU Tech or may opt to use our campus-based ALEKS testing. Some other classes may require completion of prerequisite coursework (ENGL 102 & MATH 128). See Early Enrollment course listing for details. 
  • Is this a “real” college course? Early Enrollment courses meet the same rigorous standards as any WVU Tech course. These courses use the same syllabi, textbooks, outcomes and objectives as other WVU Tech courses. Early Enrollment courses become part of your academic history and will be included on your official WVU Tech transcript.
  • Does the credit transfer?  Normally, yes. However, the transfer of college credit is always at the discretion of the receiving school.
  • How much does it cost? Tuition for Early Enrollment courses for 2023-2024 is estimated at $25 per credit hour for in-state students and $75 per credit hour for non-resident students. Payment is due in full upon registration. Early enrollment students cannot apply for financial aid.
  • Can I drop a course? Communication with your instructor is very important! Be sure to contact your instructor if you are having difficulties. If you need to withdraw from the course, please note that Early Enrollment student must follow the WVU Tech  academic calendar .  If you drop a course within the first week of class, you may be eligible for a refund if you've already paid, and the course will not appear on your transcript.  A withdrawal after the first week of classes will result in a grade of W and tuition may still be due. All schedule changes, including adds/drops/withdrawals of courses MUST be completed by the WVU Tech Early Enrollment Office. A request from the student, the parent/legal guardian, or the designated high school official is required. Our online form should be used.
  • How do I access the online course? Early Enrollment courses are taught through the WVU eCampus learning system. To access this system, login through the student portal and navigate to eCampus. Once you login, click on the course title to enter the course. Access to courses is not available until the first day of class. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your course syllabus!

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