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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

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Earn hands-on experience in chemical instrumentation, experimental design, scientific data collection and interpretation

WVU Tech's Chemistry program provides students with a strong foundation and the necessary hands-on experience in chemical instrumentation, experimental design, scientific data collection and interpretation. 

Research is a major component of our program. 

Students are well positioned to pursue graduate studies or career fields such as biometrics, biotechnology, environmental studies and renewable energy.  

This is a recommended major for pre-medicine and pre-pharmacy students.


WVU Tech chemistry graduate, Angel Thompson

Thompson, '15


Angel graduated in 2015, but she isn’t done learning everything she can about chemistry. She’s conducting unique biochemistry research as she earns her graduate degree in the field. One day, she'll revolutionize the cosmetics industry with her own line of natural makeup, fragrances, lotions and facial cleansers.

“Engineering improves quality of life. Whether by advancements in transportation, power generation, food conservation, manufacturing —you name it — mechanical engineering will always be involved,” she said.
Dr. John Taylor

Dr. John 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Taylor has many years of experience in the chemical industry and has recently worked in the environmental remediation of industrial waste water.  

As an inorganic chemist, he has a particular interest is the removal of contaminants from coal mine and power plant effluents. WVU Tech's location in the coalfields of Southern West Virginia and Dr. Taylor's interests mean students have access to an in-depth look at the role chemistry and biology can play in such an important field.

Career Profile

Chemistry majors at WVU Tech enjoy a flexible curricular program capable of preparing them for entry into many highly remarkable fields such as biometrics, biotechnology, environmental studies, renewable energy and forensics. The program also prepares graduates to enter into advanced studies in chemistry, education, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and medicine.

Our program also provides a science-based education for students planning to go on to graduate study and for those intending to pursue professional careers in chemistry or allied fields. Students at all levels are encouraged to undertake original research under the supervision of a member of the chemistry faculty.


Chemistry is often referred to as the “central science” since many scientific disciplines are derived from it.  Graduates in chemistry have the opportunity to work in many areas:

  • Research and development
  • Quality control/regulatory
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Government agencies
  • Academia (teaching high school or college)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Nonprofits


How to understand and analyze the chemicals that make up the world around us.

Analytical Chemistry

Take an in-depth look at how chemicals are studied and explore the concepts of volumetric analysis, gravimetric analysis, solution equilibria, spectrophotometry, separations and electro-mechanical methods of analysis. 

Physical Chemistry

Learn how the forces of physics impact the field of chemistry with a study of thermodynamics and chemical equilibria.


Examine protein structure, conformation and dynamics; enzymes and their reaction mechanisms; carbohydrate and fatty acid genesis and metabolism; biosynthesis of macromolecular precursors; plus information storage, transmission and expression genetics. 

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