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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

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Most of our courses contain an integrated laboratory component where students work with professional biologists.

The Biology program is taught in a true research environment. Most courses contain an integrated laboratory component, and students work closely with faculty to enhance their laboratory, field and research skills. 

Our small classes are taught by full-time faculty and we offer a range of specialized courses like immunology, biotechnology and parasitology that are normally only offered on large university campuses with graduate programs.

This is a recommended major for pre-dental, pre-medicine and pre-veterinary students.


Biology graduate, Amanda Simpson\

Simpson, '13


Like many Golden Bears, Amanda is pushing herself to learn even more. She's getting ready to wrap up her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) at the University of Missouri's College of Veterinary Medicine. After that, she hopes to work in a small animal practice in Florida. 

"My biology degree from Tech helped me get accepted into vet school, as did a lot of my experiences from Tech. It also helped me with a lot of my first year veterinary classes. I am very grateful to the Biology and Chemistry departments for helping me along my journey!"
WVU Tech biology graduate, Anna Weaver

Weaver, '14


Anna earned her biology degree from WVU Tech in 2014 and now, she's working in a job she said she absolutely loves. 

Anna is using the skills she learned at WVU Tech to monitor the impact of wind energy on bird species. As a Biological field technician at Western Ecosystems Technology, INC, Anna conducts field surveys for species of concern at wind farm facilities. She's taking her talents to Washington state where she will be doing fatality monitoring, eagle surveys, avian use surveys and point counts

Career Profile

Graduates from the program are poised to take on biology careers or go on to graduate and professional school. At WVU Tech, our students gain an overview of many of the numerous biological areas of study; gain the technical knowledge and skills that prepare them for both laboratory and field work; and have the opportunity to put their knowledge to work in research with WVU Tech biology faculty.

Our graduates have the skills to succeed in professional schools such as medical, dental, veterinary and pharmacy. They have also gone on to graduate school in such diverse fields as microbiology, environmental science, genetics and science education.


Our graduates have landed rewarding careers as:

  • Field biologists
  • Lab technicians
  • Medical assistants
  • Health, safety and environmental specialists
  • Animal care technicians
  • Microbiologists
  • Research associates
  • Physicians
  • Professors
  • Pharmacists

  • Employees of major organizations like the National Park Service, FBI and NASA 

Unique Research Opportunities

All of our faculty members work with students who would like to learn how to do research. Some of our active projects include molecular genetics of bacteria, acid mine drainage mitigation at Morris Creek, the ecology of an Appalachian mountain watershed and the study of vertebrate fossils.

Things you'll learn

Life under the microscope


Study the biology of microorganisms with an emphasis on bacteria and viruses. Learn about disease prevention and control, explore human immunology, conduct lab exercises in physiology and culture bacteria.


This comprehensive course covers classic and modern genetics, including heredity, molecular genetics and population genetics. You'll also investigate the basic principles of inheritance, manipulation of DNA and bioinformatics - all in the lab. 

Biotechnology and Society

Learn about the use of biotechnology to solve modern agricultural, medical and environmental problems, plus a look at bioethical concerns and societal impacts of biotechnology.

View a sample degree schedule or explore more course options in the catalog.

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