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2024 Summer Online Class Registration

WVU Tech Students

Step 1: Meet with your advisor and obtain your Term PIN to enter on the Advising Hold/Term PIN page.  Who is my advisor? If you need additional support, contact the department chair. 

Step 2: Follow these step-by-step instructions to register for classes.

Non-WVU Tech Students

If you plan on taking an online course with us to earn credit to take back to another institution, or do not plan on full-time enrollment then you need to apply as a Visiting Student.

Step 1: Complete and submit the university application for admission.  (There's no application fee!)

Step 2: Contact the Office of Admissions following reception of your admit letter to discuss advising and registration for your course.

For courses that have prerequisite scores or courses, students need to have an official transcript or scorecard on file with the prerequisite information.

If deemed appropriate, the department offering the course may provide prerequisite overrides to visiting student.

Available Classes (2024 Courses Coming Soon)

* All class availability is based on current enrollment numbers. Some classes listed may be full.
** Classes listed may be subject to schedule changes or cancellation.
*** Online summer classes are not offered for early enrollment students.

Ready to get started?  

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