Tuition, Fees and Other Costs


All listed prices cover the spring and fall semesters of the 2018-2019 academic year.


Resident: $7,464
Non-Resident $18,648

The average cost per credit hour for resident students is $311 per credit hour and the average cost per credit hour for non-resident students is $777 per credit hour.

Programmatic Fees

Engineering * $1,992
Nursing * $2,712
Business Management $576
Regents BA $576
Math and Natural Sciences $672
Aviation Management $2,928
*Includes pre-engineering and pre-nursing


University Hall

Single $7,010

Hogan Hall

Double $7,010
Single $8,380

Meal Plans

Option A
10 Meals per week
Option B
15 Meals per week
Option C
19 Meals per week

Commuter meal plans are available. Visit the Dining page for details.

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