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2024 application is now open for Spring, Summer, and Fall terms .


How to apply to WVU Tech

Admission Requirements

There are certain curriculum requirements students must meet to enroll at WVU Tech.

View Requirements

New Students

Getting ready to graduate? Did you finish high school within the last few years? You're a first-time freshman, and these are the steps you need to take to get started.

I'm a First-Time Freshman

Transfer Students

If you have more than 24 hours of college credit, you qualify as a transfer student. You'll need to follow a slightly different application path.

I'm a Transfer Student


Attended WVU Tech in the past and want to re-enroll. This is what you need to know.

I'm a Readmit Student

International Students

Not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident? We have resources and helpful tips for you. - We ONLY offer undergraduate programs.

I'm an International Student

Early Enrollment Students

If you're a high school student looking to get a head start on your college career, this is the place for you.

I'm an Early Enrollment Student


If you've served in the armed forces, there are resources you may be able to put to use.

I'm a Veteran

Adult Learners

Been out of school for a while? Ready to wrap up that degree? Here's what you need to do.

I'm an Adult Learner

Change of Campus Students

If you're already enrolled on a WVU system campus and you're transferring to WVU Tech, here's what you need to do.

I'm a Change of Campus Student

Dual Campus Enrollment

Dual campus enrollment is for students who are currently enrolled at WVU Tech and wish to take a separate course at one of WVU’s other campuses.

Dual Campus

Visiting Students

If you plan on taking a course with us to earn credit to take back to another institution, or do not plan on full-time enrollment then you need to apply as a Visiting Student.

I'm a Visiting Student

Second-Degree Applicant

If you have already earned a 4-Year Bachelor's Degree from WVU Tech or another institution, you are considered a Second-Degree Applicant and can apply here.

I'm a Second-Degree Applicant

Non-Degree Students

You are considered a non-degree student if you do not plan to pursue a degree but would like to take college courses.


Our application process is easy. You can complete it online and there's no fee to apply. 

Need a hand or have questions? We have a team of admissions counselors and financial aid pros who can help.