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Regents Bachelor of arts

Regents Bachelor of Arts

Regents Bachelor of Arts (R.B.A.)

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RBA for Pilots and A&Ps

Our program is affordable, flexible and purpose-built with you in mind.

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) degree program at WVU Tech is designed for working adults who want to complete their college studies and head into a better career with a bachelor’s degree. Our affordable and flexible program offers an opportunity to gain credits for work and life learning, and it allows students to tailor their academic courses of study to meet their individual needs.


WVU Tech RBA graduate, J.D. Thomas

Thomas, '16


After high school, J.D. enlisted into military service and spent the next few years training and working as a computer repairman. He also attended Warrant Officer Candidate School and flight school where he learned to fly helicopters. 

While continuing to serve and fly in the West Virginia Army National Guard, J.D. took several college courses until he started flying full-time for a helicopter charter company. He eventually landed a corporate flying position with a local construction company and, after 15 years, he's still there. 

The desire to complete college, be more marketable and be a positive example to his family has been a driving force in his life. It led him to the RBA program at Tech and to success in his career. 

RBA for pilots and A&Ps

WVU Tech RBA graduate, Dan Hensley

Hensley, '14


Dan spent more than half a decade working in West Virginia's coal mines. When he was laid off, he knew he had to chart another course for his life, so he signed up for the RBA program at Tech. At Tech, he was a student-athlete and built friendships that have lasted well beyond college.

After undergrad, Dan worked for the Logan County Board of Education as a substitute in Special Education and earned a master's degree in special education. These days, he works as a full-time professor in the education department and assistant football coach at West Virginia State University. A lifelong learner, he's currently pursuing his Ph.D. in psychology. 

Dan says that he's truly grateful for the opportunities he had at WVU Tech and that he works to show students how they can accomplish anything when they put their mind to it.

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