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student is
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WVU Tech.

Here's what you need to know.

Parent/Guardian Resources

Your student has been admitted to WVU Tech. That's a great feeling, but it might also bring up questions for you they never even thought to ask. 

So we put together a few resources to help you learn more about where your Golden Bear is going to be earning their degree (and how you can help them out along the way).

Join the Golden Bear Parents and Families Club
The first step in staying in the know all year long is to sign up for our regular parent and family newsletter. Each edition is packed with helpful information, campus news and important upcoming events. 

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Attend Parent and Family Orientation
Join us at the start of the academic year to learn more about campus, campus services, and connect with the University.

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Golden Bear Registration Day
This is where students craft their course schedule. We also offer parents, guardians, family and friends a chance to meet with key campus figures to explore life at Tech. You'll get the rundown on campus life, available services, financial aid and more - all before your student steps foot in the classroom.  Note: students must sign-up for this event to register for classes .

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Learn the road map for admitted students
We've put together a helpful checklist with steps newly admitted students need to take and resources they can rely on when they get here. Learn more about their path and you'll be able to help them stay on track. After all, every journey is better when your family and friends can come along.

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Check out our Vita Navis Career Assessment for students
We're using a powerful online tool to help your student get the most out of their college experience - and make a great career choice. The assessment helps students pinpoint their interests and strengths, then ties them to career where they can flourish. But you can check out how it works, too.

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Explore campus and find resources
If you haven't been to campus yet, a great way to see it for yourself is by taking our campus tour. It'll give you a snapshot of where your student will be learning, eating, living on campus and more. We also have a handy department directory. If you need to get in touch with someone from financial aid, reach a professor or talk to someone from housing, the directory will help you track down the right person.

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Bookmark the campus calendar
Being a college student means being busy. It's easy to get into the groove of schoolwork and forget to take a break to reset or miss an opportunity participate in something awesome. Our campus calendar is updated regularly with fun activities for students, outdoor excursions, fascinating lectures, community service events and more. Plus, it features important deadlines, holidays and other administrative dates. Keep and eye on the calendar and remind your student what's ahead. Trust us - they'll thank you for it!

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