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Math Placement Exams

ALEKS Registration Instructions

ALEKS Exam: Instructions 

1. Accessing the eCampus Portal 

  • Candidates registering to take the ALEKS exam for use at WVU Tech must enter ALEKS through the eCampus portal. 
  • In order to gain access to the correct portal you must contact Ms. Cheryl Long at:
  • Once Ms. Long has registered you on the eCampus portal, you will be notified. 
  • You may begin the exam anytime; it is self-paced. 

2. Accessing and Paying for ALEKS 

  • Open a browser 
  • Go To: 
    • Login: 
      • UserID: your WVUID 1
      • Password: your WVU password 2  
  • Click on: WVU-Tech-ALEKS 
    • Click on: TAKE Your ALEKS Assessment.
    • This takes you to the ALEKS site, you will pay the $25.00 fee here using either a credit or debit card 

3. Taking the ALEKS Exam 

Proctored Exam 

  • ALEKS is a proctored exam. 
    • The apps are loaded from the ALEKS website:
      • Respondus Lockdown Browser
      • Respondus Monitor 
    • Password for Proctored Test: TECHMATH01 

Number of Attempts 

  • You have a maximum of three attempts 


  • Your score on the Practice Test places you into the appropriate Preparation and Review modules 
  • You must go through the Prep and Review modules before ALEKS opens your second attempt  
  • You will spend a minimum of 5 hours in the Prep and Review modules after which you can take the exam for the second attempt 


  • The score on the second attempt is the score that will be used to place you into the appropriate math class at WVU Tech 
  • If you are not satisfied with the score on your second attempt, you may take the exam a third time 
  • Prior to taking ALEKS a third time, you are required to spend 5 hours in the Prep and Review modules 


  • This is your last attempt 

4. Score to WVU Tech 

  •  ALEKS is integrated with BANNER through eCampus  
  • This means that when you complete the ALEKS exam your score is automatically entered into the BANNER system and immediately available to WVU Tech Admissions and advisors 

5. Communication 

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Long at:

1 If you do not have a WVU ID, contact the WVU Tech Admissions Office (929.304.0311) 

2 If you have not set up your WVU password, CLAIM your account at: 

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