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Our students - our community - is what makes WVU Tech the institution it is today. So we take campus safety seriously.

Kicking COVID off campus

 Here's a breakdown of our response to the global novel coronavirus pandemic and how we're continuing to keep our Golden Bears safe.

Testing and Education

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All students, faculty and staff are tested before returning to campus each semester. We also test a percentage of students (selected randomly) each week throughout the semester. Faculty have access to free testing throughout the semester as well, at their request. Students and employees must take a COVID-19 education module to learn about how they can stay safe.

Geared for safety

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All students and employees receive a safety kit at the beginning of the semester, complete with masks, gaiters, hand sanitizer, wipes and a no-touch tool for opening doors and interacting with kiosks. All students and employees are required to wear face coverings while on campus in indoor settings and faculty teach wearing face coverings. Some faculty choose to teach from behind plastic safety barriers. Vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask in outdoor settings.

Socially distanced learning

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All classes and labs maintain reduced class sizes and assigned seating to ensure that students can learn effectively while socially distanced from one another. Some of our labs are taught simultaneously in multiple rooms using state-of-the-art video conferencing.

Sanitization across campus

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Sanitization on campus is key. We've installed dozens of no-touch hand sanitizer stations across campus. Our facilities team has increased cleaning and sanitization across campus, and we've supplied every single office, classroom and lab on campus with proper sanitization supplies.

Remote services and support

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All of our support offices (think financial aid, student accounts and the registrar) have transitioned to online office hours to maintain social distancing. Students and families who need support can make online, real-time appointments as needed. We also launched the Golden Bear Information Station where Golden Bears can get in touch with any questions they have - all from anywhere in the world.

Visit the Info StationVirtual Admissions Resources

Vaccination plan

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We're working within West Virginia state guidelines on our vaccination rollout plan. We've already begun administering vaccinations to our most at-risk populations across our campuses and will keep our students and employees informed of new phases as they become available.

See our vaccination plan

Quarantine and isolation

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We've established protocols for self-isolation and quarantine (when necessary) for our entire operation. This has been critical in allowing us to maintain a healthy learning and working environment. We've also put together helpful resources and checklists for anyone who is concerned they may have been exposed to the virus.

See our isolation resources

Travel guidance

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Robust travel guidelines are an important safeguard for our Golden Bears during the pandemic. We've created guidance and protocols for students, student-athletes, employees and those who come into contact with our community to keep everyone safe and secure.

Explore travel guidance

Other resources

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We've built a number of resource websites for the Golden Bear community. The following are WVU Tech and WVU-specific sites related to COVID-19. You can find more resources, including state data, national guidelines and helpful tips in the section below.

WVU Tech Return to Campus siteWVU Tech Admissions FAQCampus safety measures [VIDEO]

COVID-19 resources

Helpful information for everyone.

Centers for Disease Control

The CDC's COVID tracker offers national and regional data.

WV Dept. of Health

Statewide data on COVID cases and the vaccination rollout.

Raleigh County Response

City and county tracking, plus helpful local information.

Testing Site Locator

Find a testing site anywhere in the country with this site locator.

Stop the Spread

Simple and effective tips for doing your part to end this pandemic.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Steps we're taking to keep our campus clean and sanitized.

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