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Career Technical Education

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The program offers special summer sessions on campus and classes throughout the state during the fall and spring semesters. 
The career technical education program at WVU Tech allows industrial, technical, occupational foods and health occupations teachers to meet West Virginia Department of Education certification requirements and pursue advanced professional development. 

The program offers special summer sessions on campus and classes throughout the state during the fall and spring semesters. Students who meet the state requirements, take advantage of advanced professional development opportunities and meet core curriculum requirements will be awarded a bachelor’s degree in career technical education. 

Enrollment is limited to those currently employed as teachers in a career/technical education program area.


Career Technical Education instructor, Dr. David Yost

Dr. David

Teaching Assistant Professor

Dr. Yost is a former secondary teacher and contractor. With his military, business and construction background, Dr. Yost brings a multi-dimensional perspective to his work with beginning West Virginia career and technical teachers. His current research and writing centers on integrating numeracy and math skills across the curriculum.


Teaching Associate Professor

Mr. Yocke is a former teacher, coach and restaurant management. He brings a broad knowledge of West Virginia state education policy to his work advising and guiding newly hired career and technical teachers pursuing the state-approved alternative career and technical teaching certification.

Program Profile

The West Virginia Career and Technical Education Teacher Preparation and Certification Program is the only state-approved alternative teaching certification program. The program is jointly funded by a grant from the West Virginia Department of Education and WVU Tech. The bachelors degree in Career and Technical Education is restricted to teachers employed in a current full-time career and technical teaching position either currently enrolled or recently finished the required departmental program. 

Every individual hired from business and industry into an open teaching position in one of the 16 nationally recognized career clusters in a West Virginia comprehensive high schools or tech ed center will complete a prescribed, three-component, alternative teacher education program to be eligible to apply for a five-year WV CTE Teaching Certificate.

Our students are full-time, in-service teachers across the 55 counties in West Virginia. They are all off-campus students. More than 50 teachers complete the initial program each year, and may apply their certification course work toward the degree if desired. 

Next Steps

Teachers who graduate from our program frequently proceed to an adult and technical education masters programs, and several have become successful local and state-level school administrators after completing the WVU Tech program and teaching for a number of years.

Things you'll learn

Whether you're putting together a shop or building CTE courses, we have the tools you need.

Management of School Shops and Laboratories

Learn the responsibilities of the teacher as a manager, methods of handling tools and supplies, problems of effective shop organization and maintenance, safety administration, job evaluation and selection, group control and management.

Computer Applications in Career-Technical Education

This course is designed to introduce students to computer-based the instructional technology used in today's classrooms and labs. It includes an introduction to operating systems, application software for instruction and instructional management.

Teaching Methods in Career-Technical Education

Learn how to correlate shop/lab instruction with classroom instruction, how to provide Individual and group instruction; plus the four teaching steps in career technical education. 

View a sample degree schedule or explore more course options in the catalog.

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